Blue Hair vs. Silver Hair: My Twitter Followers Decided on My Hair Color

Friday 16 December 2016

The moment has come my friends! I finally reached my dream hair color.

I’ve always wanted either blue or silver hair, but mostly blue. And this morning while I was at the salon, I kept asking myself if I want blue or silver, silver or blue, or both. I asked on my Twitter for an answer and the majority voted for blue! Funny thing is, I ended up getting both blue and silver anyway. It is mostly blue, but once it starts fading the layer of silver tones will start showing up later.

B A C K T R A C K: Remember when I attempted to DIY my hair back in November? Well… I tried and messed up. But it’s okay because today I went to my salon to get my bleached hair fixed. I had to go to a professional. I had a bunch of orange-y colored spots in my hair, the breakage was real bad, and I came to the conclusion that if I tried to DIY any more, I would go bald.

In the midst of deciding I would go back to my favorite place, I chose to go straight to the finish line and reach blue and cut my hair short! Going to the Pink Door Salon was the best decision I made today. They’ve been doing my hair since 2013 when I first met them as Miss Garden Grove’s Sponsor. Since then, I trust no one else with my hair. (I tried trusting myself with my hair, but that didn’t work out so well.)

I was at the salon from 12:00pm to 9:00pm for this whole process, but it was worth every minute and every penny of mine. Enjoy this little Snapchat photoblog of my 9-hour trip to my favorite hair salon.

Photoblog —

You decided!

I posted this question on Twitter to get help. So, you decided folks!

Filipino with Blonde Hair

STEP 1: Brush the beehive.

Filipino with Blonde Hair - Initial Hair Cut

STEP 2: Snip Snip! Make the first initial haircut to avoid wasting product.

Spot Bleach Hair - Fix

STEP 3: Spot bleach the orange/untoned patches of hair to even out the bleach.
(This was the most time sensitive step.)

Blonde to Blue Hair

STEP 4: Bleach full hair again to make the hair color lighter.

Filipino with Blonde Hair Blue Hair - Toning Time

STEP 5: Tone the bleached hair to remove any more stray orange coloring.

Waiting Time - Blonde Hair to Blue Hair Filipino

STEP 6: Wait a very long time between toning and adding the layer of blue coloring… and take a nap in the massage chair.

Filipino with Blonde Hair Blue Hair - Waiting for Blue and Toner

STEP 7: Ask for a fluffy robe because sitting around all day will make you tired and cold.

Filipino with Blonde Hair Blue Hair - Ear Cuffs

STEP 8: Enjoy the cute little hair-nets-for-ears to avoid having blue ears.

Tan Asian with Blue Hair - Rachel Bulosan

STEP 9: Use many shades of blue, silver, and purple to fill in the roots and create dimension in the hair color.

Blonde to Blue Hair - Touch Up Roots

STEP 10: In the homestretch! I forgot to photo-document the last steps of the process because I was too excited for the final result. After I took the photo above, I washed my hair, did another “pull through” of blue coloring, got a hair color seal treatment, cut my hair short (!), and got it styled.

Filipino with Blonde Hair Blue Hair - End Result

FINAL STEP: Enjoy the new denim blue (with hints of silver and purple) hair with a loved one.

lotsa virtual hugs,


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