Too Broke for GoDaddy

Tuesday 08 November 2016

How crazy is this… I am back my blog-reader friends. I know it has been a while since I’ve expressed my feelings in blog format, but something inside of me compelled me to get back on my blog grind. I’m in a different place in my life where I feel comfortable with coming back to the blog world to share my stories and experiences. So, I hope you stay along for the ride. It’s so crazy to think about how many of you are so loyal and so supportive despite all the ups and downs, the online hiatuses and excessive posts, and the deep and shallow thought processes that have run through my mind over the years. My blog/youtube/online community — despite all the name changes and person brand face lifts — has been solid since 2006, and I am forever grateful to you all regardless of my inconsistencies.

I’m back, but not as RaleighWrites anymore.

Please welcome the new and improved, 👋🏽 A blog dedicated to lifestyle and travel from the perspective of a Hawaiian-born / Californian-raised girl. Sometimes I will write blog posts, sometimes I will share my youtube vlogs, and sometimes I’ll just let you in on my perspective of the world with my photoblogs.

But first, I’ll answer some of the common questions I received in the last few weeks:

What happened to RaleighWrites? To be quite frank, my GoDaddy hosting subscription ended. Renewing my subscription would be the result of another $200 hold in my figurative pocket, so I had to refrain from renewing, and let go of RaleighWrites altogether.

Why not Well, I also registered the domain under GoDaddy… so now they’re holding that domain hostage too. It would cost me $80 to renew through GoDaddy, or if I wanted to “bid” from another website, it could go as high as $500. F– that.

Why are all your old blog posts gone? Well, because my GoDaddy subscription ended, they [GoDaddy Customer Service] locked away my content in some virtual cloud and said – I quote – “We can’t get access to your blog until you pay to renew your subscription.” How. frustrating. is. that? Trust me, I was without words and quite furious at first, but then I remembered a quote I came across… Collect memories, not things. The blog content that I “lost” are just things, but the memories I wrote about for the blog is something I will keep forever. Also, I’m glad I still have access to blogs from 2015 and before because I was smart enough to back up my blog then. So, if you’re wondering why some old blog posts are up, it’s because of the backup.

What now? I guess this is a new beginning. I love new beginnings. Tabula Rasa. There is a silver lining to all of this. I won’t have to explain to people how my name isn’t Raleigh anymore. I won’t have to tell them that I used “Raleigh” as an alias in 2013 to hide the real person behind my writings. I won’t have to explain how I used the alias to cover up how lost, alone, and afraid I truly was of the future, growing up, and all other unknowns. Losing RaleighWrites is a symbolic end to a another chapter in my life. It was a great run, and I’m sad to see the old content go, but I am determined to move forward and start building a new creative, free, unfiltered space.

Are you still going to write back to us? Of course! I will do my best to keep up with comments and responses to blog posts. I know I’m the worst when it comes to replying back to emails and letters, but just know that I do my best to get through them all and write back (even if I’m super late). Lately, the best ways to contact me are through Instagram and Twitter.

Where have you been? Wow… how do I answer this in short? I’ve been traveling with family and friends, jumping from job to job, figuring out how to be a freelance writer, applying to grad schools, helping build a company called Creations for a Cause, filming a Filipino-American series on YouTube, meeting loads of new people, reconnecting with old friends, and learning more about myself and who I want to be. I’m not sure if my age is a contributing factor, or my financial position or the experiences I’ve gone through, but the last two years since I graduated from college ( #postgradLIFE ) has been eye-opening. I may have been on and off with blogging, but just know… it’s because I was out in the real world living and trying to figure out my purpose. I don’t know why, but I felt personally responsible for finding my purpose first before trying to help inspire others find their purpose too.

When are you posting another vid for #FILAMFANGIRL? To my Filipino viewers, and viewers who are just interested in learning more about the Filipino culture, pasensya ka na! (Translation: I’m sorry!) I am so happy the YouTube fam is growing, but I’ve just been so busy with building my profession that I neglected my channel.

To all you 685 subbies out there, know that I will come back. I’m just in the process of planning a super-fantastic-best-of-all-time way to come back to the channel. So patience please, I’ll definitely be back in December — aka “Rachel’s Favorite Time of Year”.

I know there are many more questions that were asked, but I’ll get back to you all directly as soon as I can. In the meantime, look out for more blog posts to come on Please keep in mind that this website will be under major construction for the next few weeks as I fix the links, layout, and categories. I plan to do a legitimate “website launch” in January 2017. Love you all!

— — — — — — — —
lotsa virtual hugs,
R A C H E L B.

* Update: (May 2018) is no longer valid.

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