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Hannah’s Graduation Party

Saturday 13 June 2015

I cannot believe my little Hannah is graduated from high school. She may be going off to college this fall and she may be “Instagram Famous“… but no matter how much time goes by, she will always be the dorky little kid who tells the cheesiest jokes. Mark and I left Orange County at 12am to make the 5-hour drive up to San Luis Obispo. We arrived at the house my aunt rented for the weekend very early in the morning and slept until noon. The drive was worth it because when we woke up, Mark and I were finally able to take in the whole house — no,Β ranch. Β I woke up to find an obstacle course bouncy house blown up in the back, a little vineyard on the side of the house, and a whole lot of land.

SLO 017

Since Mark and I arrived late and were only staying for one night and half a day, we slept in a very small room with a twin bed behind the laundry room. I’m not complaining though, it was cozy. The photo above is of the room my family slept in. My parents were on the bed, my sister on the cot, my cousin on a twin bed on the side, my aunt and uncle in the closet (yes, the closet is that big), and extra space on the floor for my brother. This was just one room and there were four more rooms like this housing my other family members. I call this place,Β The Bulosan Inn.


The hills and trees and grass. Nature.


I spent a lot of time at this table because of the ice machine. I was the designated halo halo maker. What is halo halo? A filipino dessert.


The best thing about filipino parties is the amount of food. In this photo, my grandma is shredding the taco meat. The food on this table is just one section, there was more food on the kitchen island counter and the kitchen’s side counters.Β So. Much. Food.

Family Playing Chess

My family likes to play chess at parties πŸ™‚


Jenellers sleeping while the party continues on.


Hanging out with some cool kids


Hannah’s super handmade cool lei!


Chillin with the guest of honor πŸ™‚


Me & My Godmother!


My sister, my godmother/aunt, my cousin, my mommy, and me πŸ™‚


Mother-Daughter hugs are the best.


Congratulations Hannah!

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