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Reasons To Love Kurome

Sunday 30 November 2014

As you all know, I love anime and I am the type to pick up on a show and catch up to all the episodes in the quickest way possible… then, obsess over it for quite some time until the characters and the story line is officially engrained in my heart and my mind. So far, my absolute favorite animes are: (in alphabetical order) Akame Ga Kill, Attack on Titan, Fairytail, Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, Kill la Kill, and One Piece. I’m also currently starting on the revamped anime of Fate/Stay Night, and I’m liking it so far. If anyone has any recommendations of anime related to the ones listed above, please tell me about it 😜

Kurome eating

Also, ANIME + GAME OF THRONES = Akame Ga Kill... does anyone else agree?


This rest of this post contains spoilers for Akame Ga Kill. Most of the spoilers are about the plot in this week’s episode 1×22: “Kill the Little Sister” (妹を斬る).

So, as far as my most recent obsession, Akame Ga Kill, I just watched the latest episode aired this week and I am soooooo sad Kurome died. This anime has its way of tugging at your heart strings by making you see all sides of the war. We don’t just have good and bad, we see all the dimensions of the characters and why each one chooses the side they are on. This anime is also depicts war as more than just a battle between groups and nations, but even a battle between family members. Kurome and her older sister Akame finally face their personal battles by going one-on-one in an epic katana fight. In the midst of their fight, a danger beast appears and they fight together one last time… All the deaths in this anime are gruesome and/or noble. And while I’m talking about death, I have to say I miss Mine, Bulat, Sheele, Chelsea, Lubbock, Susanoo, Bols, Sayo, and Ieyasu (RIP).

NOW, with that here are several reasons why you should love Kurome as a character:

Kurome is a member of the Jaegers, and the younger sister of Akame. Sold by her parents to the Empire along with Akame, the sisters were trained as assassins. She was drafted into a different assassin group than her sister and the siblings parted ways.

1. She is ruthless.

Akame Ga Kill - Kurome and WaveKurome punishing Wave for losing Tatsumi.

2. She is always eating.

Akame Ga Kill - Eating Kurome

*Notice how many times you can spot Kurome eating.

3. She is just as badass as her sister, Akame.

Akame and Kurome

4. She managed to survive through so many hardships after her parents sold her and Akame to the Empire to be assassins.

Akame Ga Kill Kurome and Akame Young Children

5. She guards her food with her life.


6. She has a sense of humor and mocks Wave when he gets too big headed.

Akame Ga Kill

Wave attempts to “be a man” and comfort people, but Esdeath beats him to it.

7. She is an excellent fighter.


Kurome and her older sister, Akame, in battle.

8. She cares about the people close to her.

Akame Ga Kill ghosts

Memories of Bols, Dr. Stylish, and Seryu.

9. She is determined.

Akame Ga Kill Ep 16 Kurome

10. …and lastly, she went out with a bang.

Akame-ga-Kill-episode-22-assassin-sisters-try-to-kill-each-other-with-swords Akame-ga-Kill-episode-22-Akame-and-Kurome-katana-clash-of-the-titans

Thanks for reading!

lots of virtual hugs 💙


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