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List of Shows I Watched This Summer

Saturday 23 August 2014

When you see how long thisΒ list is, I already know you won’t be able to help but think… “How in the world did I have time to watch all of this?” Seriously. My answer: dedication. I had three jobs, I managed to stay social, went to Las Vegas and other places, and watched all the shows listed above! I don’t regret any of the sleepless late nights I put into watching the shows above. What can I say… I’m an entertainment junkie.

Here is the List of Shows I Watched This Summer and my thoughts on them in a few words:

  • Baby Daddy – Season 1 to 3
    I’m waiting for Riley and Danny to be together!
  • Beauty and the Beast – Season 1 & 2
    Stop hunting Vincent Keller! He’s innocent!
  • Dawson’s Creek – Season 1
    I could only bare one season, maybe it’s not the right time to watch this series.
  • The Fosters – Season 2
  • Freaks & Geeks – Season 1
    I noticed a lot of the characters from Freaks & Geeks are on HIMYM.
  • Game of Thrones – Season 3 & 4
    Currently waiting for Season 5! My favorites are still Tyrion and Daenerys.
  • Greek – Season 3
    Pretty good, not a favorite, but strangely addictive.
  • How I Met Your Mother – Season 1 to 3
    How have I not started watching this earlier?!
  • I Wanna Marry Harry – Season 1
    Watched it because a pageant friend was in it, Miss Anna Lisa πŸ™‚
  • Keeping Up With The Kardashians – One Episode
    At least I tried…
  • New Girl – Season 1 to 2
    Jess is super funny! I love her!
  • Once Upon A Time – Season 3
    Finally caught up and I can’t wait to see the Frozen characters.
  • One Tree Hill – Season 4
    Because Mark and I watch this every summer.
  • Orange Is The New Black – Season 1
    Another strangely addictive show.
  • Revenge – Season 2
    Emily Thorne makes me want to learn martial arts and be a badass.
  • The Wonder Years – Season 1 to 4
    Winnie Cooper is adorable!
  • Vampire Diaries – 3 Episodes of Season 1
    The first episode was pretty cool, but I lost interest because I started watching anime.



Attack on Titan
Attack on Titan hd wallpaper 3_1600x1200

Kill la Kill

One Piece

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood



lots of virtual hugs πŸ’™

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