A Transfer Student’s First Day

Monday 25 August 2014

The first day of school always feels like Disneyland, except for the little fact that – instead of waiting to meet Mickey and eat clam chowder bowls, we wait in lines for parking passes, books, and information booths. Yay, so fun.ย This morning, I went to school three hours before my first class. One hour for the drive, thirty-minutes to obtain my pain-in-the-arse parking pass (because I procrastinated this year and bought it just two days ago), and one hour for the walk from the parking lot to class.

I avoided bringing my longboard to school because (1) there are so many regulated areas at CSULB for skateboarding now -_- and (2) I knew there would be too many people lost and wandering and making quick turns to make it to their next class on time. Anyway, I timed it correctly and made it to class just in time. I made a couple of detours to post some CollegeSpring posters and flyers up for work/recruitment.


My “How Am I Functioning” Face.

My first class is my favorite so far. Our professor forced us to do an ice breaker with the entire class and it was fun. Most college professors (especially here at this big university) don’t allot time for their students to get to know each other and it is unfortunate because I learned about really interesting people today. I sat next to a professional costume designer who does cosplay costumes for professional cosplayers and for gaming companies. Then, our class went off on a tangent about Game of Thrones and I learned that people can actually buy the throne from the popular television show. The throne is $30,000 not including shipping… lol, so random. Then, the costume designer offered to make the throne. (I would love to see that!)

I also met a girl who was a chef for the Los Angeles Lakers for a couple years. She added that the basketball players loved Mexican food. I met a fellow gamer. I met a novelist. I met someone who is also interested in the Rick Riordan series! I met so many people in the first day who are super unique and interesting and I cannot wait to learn more about them.

The thing I love most about my first class of the day/week is that it is a discussion-based class. We discuss in the Socratic method and move our desks into a GIANT circle so that we can talk about literature. I. LOVE. IT. It reminds me of my first college English class… the first of many.

when books run out

The unfortunate event when the book you need is out of stock…

After my first class, I ate lunch and roamed around running errands for work and I had a fuss getting things straightened out with the financial aid office. It’s weird being alone on this campus, but I guess with time I’ll meet people and get used to it. When I ate alone for lunch, the highlight of my lunch break was obtaining my Request for Graduation form. EEEEP! The day is finally here! I am finally filing for graduation.

*Tips for Junior & Senior College Students:
File for graduation before the deadline! Usually the deadline is the semester before you graduate. So, if you are graduating in the spring, file for graduation during the fall semester before that.

My second and third class were fun as well. As with any first day of school, we went over the syllabus, asked the professor questions, and did one mini-assignment. I met more interesting people in my classes. I met a composer. I met aspiring engineers. I met film majors. I met microbiology students. It is nice to know that English has so many different concentrations that anyone can learn and apply it to what they are pursuing. CSULB has one of the most amazing English programs because it offers concentrations in Literature, Education, Creative Writing, and Rhetoric & Composition (for short we say “RhetCom”). All concentrations have a variety of personalities and talents. The diversity is endless!

The cute little ballerina flats I wore all day.

I’m happy with my selection of classes so far. All my professors expect good attendance, but understand that “life happens” and things come up. All my professors encourage us to talk to them one-on-one and during their office hours. YAY! It reminds me of community college when we actually had connections with the professors. All my professors are witty and smart and I cannot wait pick at their brain this semester and become a better writer because of it.

When classes ended, I had a long walk back to my car. The sun was almost setting, the campus was quieter, and the parking lot was not as full. After class, I went on a quick job hunt at certain locations because close friends of mine told me that these “certain locations” were hiring. I will be turning my applications and resumes in and meeting with the managers tomorrow. We will see how it goes.

After that, I took a nap.

Dance practice with Roses of the Night.

Then, I had dance practice in Norco. It was a very productive one. We have a show coming up this weekend and we have overtime practice to clean up our choreography before the big show!


Came home to see this adorable face. We watched Mulan together.

So, now I am here… looking through my syllabi once more and filling out applications for work. I actually need to work on my paperwork for Miss Garden Grove and finish half my reading assignment from my first and third English classes today. I hope everyone else had a great first day of school. I know I cannot wait for the weather to cool down. I love fall and winter! Let is snowwwww, let it snowwwwย !!

Things I Learned Today:

  1. The Game Of Thrones throne is about $30,000 not including shipping.
  2. According to my professor a Detroit-native, people from Detroit have issues with authority. (This came up after a conversation about how she could teach us how to flip a car over and light it on fire. lol)
  3. This is something I re-learn in every single English/literature class I have taken, but I thought I would share it for anyone looking into becoming an English/literature major in college. I re-learned that Western literature heavily refers to the Bible and Greek & Roman Mythology. Once more, I had a professor mentioning to the class that it should be read (not for religious purposes, but for educational purposes).

— lotsa virtual hugs —
R A C H E L ย B.

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