Things To Do After Finals Are Over

Monday 16 December 2013

I’m super excited for winter break! I may be working every day except Christmas and New Years, but being out of school for a bit will be good load off my chest/back/life.

I compiled a list of things to do after finals, but before my twenty-first birthday:

  • Celebrate my four year anniversary with my boyfriend ✓
  • Continue to go to the gym everyday ✓
  • Catch my blog up on photos I have been taking, but haven’t had the time to post ✓
  • Make sure my car is squeaky clean on the inside and outside
  • Paint my nails
  • See my best friend Joyce because I haven’t seen her all semester ✓
  • Make youtube vlogs ✓
  • Organize my makeup in makeup area
  • Watch the Baby Daddy and Melissa and Joey’s holiday episodes ✓
  • Catch up to Scandal and any other television shows
  • Drink lots of water ✓
  • Choose a #RaleighWritesGiveaway winner and post the video after my birthday, but before 2014 ✓
  • Organize my books
  • Wrap presents for Christmas ✓
  • Do a recap of my 2013 year ✓
  • Continue to take orders on the new A&R Design online store. If you haven’t figured it out yet, I am the “R” in A&R 😉 ✓
  • Wear pajamas all day err’day ✓
  • & HOPEFULLY… paint my room. ✓✓

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