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Thursday 28 November 2013

This morning my younger brother and my niece did a mini-photoshoots because they looked adorable in the outfits my mom chose for them for Thanksgiving.  Nicholas was being so difficult near the end of our photoshoot because he was getting too warm in his long-sleeved shirt and from running around all over the place. The photos turned out great though.

My brother is so photogenic! I love how his smiles in photos are always so natural. I just have to be quick and ready to catch them or else he’ll start making silly faces. Also, if you notice in the bottom right corner of the first two photos below… I attempted to change my photography logo, but I think it looks to chunky. I will keep changing and trying out logos and watermarks until I find one I absolutely love and can stick with.

Nick Happy Thanksgiving 2013
Nick Happy Thanksgiving 2013
Nick Happy Thanksgiving 2013

Luckily, we finished the mini-photoshoot on time because family started arriving right after. My mom and dad cooked since four o’clock this morning to make sure that the turkey is finished on time for dinner. After all their hard work, the turkey turned out beautiful!

Hannah Happy Thanksgiving

After too many family photos, singing happy birthday to my grandpa, eating delicious food, running all over the place alternating with my dad in being the photographer, and attempting to watch the movie Elysium (it was too noisy)… I am finally sitting here [sleepy] and ready to knock out. I have work early in the morning tomorrow. Since its Black Friday, I’m expecting the showroom and the warehouse and the phones to be busy. I should probably try to do some readings for my philosophy of law class so I don’t fall behind on homework and studying. I hope everyone is having a great holiday! Don’t get trampled for Black Friday. Be safe. Sleep tight. Be thankful for life ✨ Goodnight loves.

lots of virtual hugs 💙

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